Take Him Just Because You Can [A Lauliver Fanfic]



Title: Take Him Just Because You Can
Words: 2631
Pairings: Laurel/Oliver, Thea/Sara brotp
Genre: Romance
Status: Done
Request: tommymerlynsblueeyes
Story: Under the Cut. Ao3.
Note: I have never been to a state fair.

Summary: Laurel and Oliver get dragged to the state fair by Thea and Sara who leave Laurel and Oliver alone to roam. 

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Love, love, love! Thanks, PQN!

Not a problem, babe. That one was a good challenge being an experience I have never had that seems very niche.

I’m glad you liked it. It’s one of the ones that I’m probably the most proud of.






Laurel choosing a Lauriver picture to put on her vigilante’s board.
I see what you did here, girl.

Captain Lance

Our ship is captained by the two people on the show. Ain’t nothing like a canon feeling.

And so does emily:


Those could be happy tears. 



got drunk. talked about taxes. WHY DON’T THEY TEACH YOU ABOUT TAXES IN SCHOOL???? still mad.

This is not just a british/UK thing. I am incredibly giant squid of anger that they don’t do this in the US as well.

Why do we not do a basic seminar on like how to build your shitty ikea furniture, how to do taxes, how to fill out your financial aid forms, etc etc…BASIC LIFE SKILLS of beng an adult you are supposed to inherently know and no one teaches you. This needs to be a thing.


Anonymous asked:

Oh I understand it's frustrating and the show does need a balance. I just don't think they need to kill Sara to achieve that. They just need to start caring about their characters. Like Thea, I like her now that she has something to do. But even in season 1 there was no balance it was all about the Laurel/Oliver/Tommy triangle and it was boring. I guess I like all this Sara bc I don't like Oliver and bc of her he's had less chance to annoy me.

ihearttvsnark answered:

Hahahahahaha, fellow Oliver haters are my favorite. ♥

And for the record, I don’t want Sara to die either. I just want balance. And female friendships. I really don’t think it’s going to take away from Oliver if Laurel, Felicity, Sara and Thea gather for a drink every now and again. 

Except for the fact Laurel can’t drink alcohol socially now, because they’re pushing this AA cold turkey bullshit.